Zero Carbon Park Website Redesign

Project Overview

Zero Carbon Park (ZCP) is the first Zero Carbon Park in Hong Kong. I redesigned the organization's website to improve users' information experience and strengthen brand's personality.

Visit Live Website Here.


Mar - May 2018


Renovated from old website
Delivered hi-fi prototype
Shipped the product


UX/UI Designer


Yenis Ng - PM
Engineer Team

website at a glance

Designed for desktop, tablet and mobile

interaction design
Tour booking for group

Design Concept for Clientele App

A mobile application that empowers professionals & case workers work more efficiently and collaboratively through:


Re-design how the information display, flow, share, archive, and retrieve.

Layered Communication Channels

Create layers of communication channels to support the versatile modes work, decrease burden for single channel and let information flow wisely.

Flexible scheduling

Enable professionals make changes on schedules easily and keep case workers updated, reminded and supported.